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Are you looking to best help your child with expressing their emotions, understand behavior of how they are responding to life events, and provide healthy tools to de-stress, communicate and self-regulate?

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The first step to breaking communication barriers with your child is by accessing our  FREE downloadable color theory PDF. During our Mental Health Art Camp for Kids, we provided an activity called "Pizza Wheel of Emotions". Each child was given this print out, instructed to color in each slice with these specific colors:

Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, and Purple. 

Only have your child color in one slice at a time. After each individual color was filled in, they were asked,

"What emotions do you feel when you see or use these colors?"


Each child has a different response than their peers. By understanding how they feel with each color, it can best help you, their teachers and those who serve your child understand their emotions when creating art, create an avenue for conversation and provide the response your child needs in that moment.

This is a common psychological practice that we use during our one-on-one mentorships in collaboration with Fearless Movement.


Start today by utilizing our free print-out below!

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